There are many ways to volunteer at the Island Community Center. Below is a list of tasks where we need help. We would love to have you.  Call Jeannie at 367-2735 for more information.


  • Monday – Friday: We are always looking for volunteers to open and close the building so that it can be more available to the public.  Volunteering would be as simple as being a person in the building so that others may use the space.


  • We are always looking for volunteer cleaners to sweep and vacuum the hall, rooms Cleaner:and gym to clear out cobwebs and dust bunnies.  


  • Community Café:  Laurie Hutchinson is always looking for more volunteers to help set up, serve, and clean up for the café each Wednesday.  It is usually a once or twice a month Wednesday commitment.


  • For every Event set up and clean up: the event we could use help.  The Haloween Spooktacular and Stonington Six can always use help with clean up; the hunter safety course could use baked goods to offer the attendees. 


  • Every year we update our database of names and addresses; we need help stuffing envelopes for Data entry and appeal time: mailing to donors. It all takes time and your help would be appreciated.  


  • An extra helping hand: For every program, extra hands are needed.  If you want to help keep our aging community vital, please see Jeannie or Saige in the office to get set up.  For more information, please contact Saige at officeassistant@islandcommunitycenter.net