Rent our Space


We are always pleased to rent our space for birthday parties, wedding receptions and other events. The following are our fees and user guidelines.



Fees for the use of the ICC facility depend upon the activity and area of the facility requested.


1.)     Fees will not be charged for non profit or town sponsored activities, should they not require ICC staff. Donations are accepted.


2.)     Non profit groups based off- island may be charged for facility use and staff time.


3.)     Profit oriented groups and uses will be charged for facilities use and staff time.


4.)     Large private parties which will need a lot of time for set up and clean up, such as family reunions, weddings, etc. will be charged $200 for 4 hours of use. Any time over 4 hours will be negotiated.


5.)     Large scale activities such as craft fairs, antique shows, auctions, art shows etc., will be charged for time and use, as determined by Executive Director.


6.)     Birthday Parties: $30 an hour.


7.)     All fees are to be paid in full prior to the date of intended use. A deposit for cleaning and general pick up may be required.


The fee per hour is $30 per hour. This rate will be negotiated for repetitive use.


Note: These fees are at the discretion of the Director; all premises are to be left in same condition as found. Staff time will be charged at an hourly rate for each staff member. Time and ½ will be imposed if additional time causes staff to work in excess of 40 hours for the week. A deposit may be required at the time of use if no ICC staff will be present. Proper supervision of minors at all times is required.



The Island Community Center (ICC) encourages use of all facilities, including but not limited to the following, Gym, meeting rooms, game rooms and outside grounds, subject to the following conditions in this policy.


Groups may use the facilities for worthwhile purposes provided that such use does not interfere with regularly scheduled programs and activities, does not materially and significantly add to the cost of operation of the center, or constitute an illegal activity. ICC sponsored activities and programs will be given first consideration in facilities use. Any other use of ICC facilities will be granted only upon written application to the administrator(s) designated as responsible for enforcement of this policy. The administrator(s) has the authority to approve applications for facilities use.


The application for the use of the ICC facilities must be made on the form provided by the Administrator(s), specifying the name of the applicant and organization represented, the time(s) and date(s) of requested use, the type of activity, the need for any staff to be present, and any other arrangements, requests or requirements needed. Application must be made at least 2 weeks prior to a one-time activity, and 1 month prior to the start of a repetitive activity.



Use of the facilities is subject to the following rules:


1. Smoking is prohibited within the ICC facility. (Please be respectful of others)

2. No alcoholic beverages are to be possessed or consumed on ICC grounds or facilities.

3. The Administrator will determine the need for law enforcement.

4. The Administrator will determine what other staff, chaperone, supervisors, etc. are needed to oversee the facilities, and the applicant will co-ordinate with the


5. The Administrator will determine whether proof of insurance is required, based on hazards posed by the proposed activity.

6. All members of the applicant's party, activity, function, etc. are the responsibility of the applicant.

7. The ICC Administrator and the Town of Stonington shall be held harmless, by the applicant for any injury, death, etc. that may occur on ICC grounds, etc.

8. All other areas of the ICC facilities not requested for use by applicant shall be off limits to the applicant.

9. Arrangements for access, keys, etc. to the facilities are to be made with the


10. The building must be cleaned and locked and secured with lights off and all

furniture/equipment replaced in its original location.

11. If ICC staff is required for preparation or clean up before or after an activity the

applicant will be charged an hourly rate.

12. Activities in the Gym are limited to the Gym and bathrooms.


Guidelines for Behavior

The Island Community Center expects all participants to behave in an appropriate, respectful and lawful manner. Inappropriate behavior at any time during a trip or activity sponsored by the Board shall be addressed immediately by a chaperone.


Should the person continue to behave inappropriately after being spoken to by a chaperone, the chaperone or Head Chaperone shall within a reasonable time contact the parent or guardian of the person to discuss the inappropriate behavior and to ask the parent to discuss the issue of this behavior with the child.


Parents should be advised that their child's future participation in Island Community Center activities may require the parent to come as a chaperone for their child.


The following behavior shall be deemed inappropriate: Disruptive conduct; conduct that is disrespectful, impolite, unsportsmanlike; foul language; excessive display of physical affection; smoking; use of controlled substances.